So I made a trumpet score for ID Smile

I’ve been obsessed over Project Sekai in the last few months. ID Smile is a song that was recently added to the game, and it’s my favorite song in the last month.

I wanted to try to play it when practicing the trumpet, so I tried making a sheet for it. When I started a few hours before writing this post the full version wasn’t uploaded yet, so I focused on transcribing the short version onto the sheet.

The finished PDF file is here. (It’s only 70 kilobytes.)

Making it

I first wrote the notes in LMMS, then exported that to midi.

Then I downloaded MuseScore and started trying to turn it into a semi-decent looking sheet.

First I had to open the midi file, then copy the notes to a score created with MuseScore’s file creation widget. After that it’s a matter of figuring out how to place down notes, figuring out the key, and establishing some consistency in the notation.

Then I can just export it to PDF.

This whole process took a few hours. Having watched Tantacrul’s MuseScore video several times certainly helped.

Some notes on the transcription

  • The main rhythm in the second half of Bridge is a bit too repetitive and too fast. I’m not good enough at the trumpet to be able to play the original, so I just… picked an easier rhythm. I can’t leave it empty either, as it goes on for 8 bars.
  • Not only is the version I transcribed the short version, it’s also the vocal version seen in the game (and the short version link), which is on a different key from the VOCALOID version. The latter is a few semitones higher, and thus outside of my current range.