2022 review

Some things are falling apart while others are falling together.

I've been enjoying my time in the NKUST (first campus) wind band club immensely, with several performances, noticeable improvements in my trumpet ability, as well as the national competition which resumed after two years of hiatus due to COVID. (The competition took place before infections took off again around March.)

There have been days where I'm questioning the will to live and such. This has prompted me to actually seek help — again. I'll have to see how well I'm able to lift myself out of this with mental help.

I'm on the verge of failing college completely and will need to take a break to avoid being expelled, as far as I can tell.


I think I made some projects that I'm reasonably proud of.

  • Kemdict, my new flagship project. It provides a unified search interface for 5 dictionaries from the Taiwanese Ministry of Education, plus a space for me to try to fill in missing words or meanings.
  • kisaragi-notes is now Minaduki, but it's still just my personal fork of Org-roam v1. I remember deciding that I wanted to rename it during FF38, in February.
  • yabridgectl-emacs, a simple Emacs user interface for yabridge, like an interactive version of yabridgectl.
  • org-import-simplenote, an Emacs command to import a Simplenote export into an Org file.
  • https://github.com/kisaragi-hiu/interris, an experiment in writing an interactive playground for replace-regexp-in-string.
  • ntoml.el, a half-done half-abandoned attempt to create a pure Emacs Lisp TOML 1.0 decoder / encoder. Not anywhere near usable.
  • tftt, a 1-day project to experiment with a way to visualize trumpet fingerings.


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