avatar Kisaragi Hiu


我是如月飛羽,一個來自台灣的程式開發者。有的時候會做翻譯,主要是會用 Web 技術或是 Emacs 做一些小工具。


主要的領域:UTAU 翻唱和混音、軟體翻譯、Emacs 與 Web 開發。



About me

I study Applied English in National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology.

I write Emacs Lisp, contribute translations, make covers with UTAU, and occasionally play with Blender.

This site is my blog, my digital garden, a library of what I've made, and a playground for web technologies.

About this website

This site is built with Hugo; the CSS is processed with Tailwind. The source code is hosted on GitHub.

There are some sub-sites — individual sites hosted as subdirectories. These are built through their own CI, deployed to a branch, then pulled into this site during CI on Netlify. A list of these, plus other websites that I've made, can be seen under the #web tag.

The build process is driven from a Makefile, used mostly as a task runner. A dev job starts the development servers of both Hugo and Tailwind. During build, the CSS is generated first and put into ./static/, which is then picked up by Hugo along with other direct-copy files. The end result is built into ./public/, which Netlify then picks up and hosts.

The theme is entirely created with Hugo templates, treating Hugo as if it's a components framework. Before this I used Pollen, which effectively allows writing templates with Racket, and moving from that to Go Templates is quite painful; I wouldn't have switched if it weren't for Hugo's blazing fast render speed.

There is an incomplete article history system, an incomplete translation system that has hit a dead end, and I can't decide if I should write in English (which I'm more familiar with in technical writing) or Mandarin (which is necessary if I want even a chance for people around me to understand what I'm writing).

There is almost zero JS: I dislike unnecessary client side code because I know how sluggish an average React site is on an average mid-range phone. But as a result I have to hack together a lot more things by myself, such as the close button in the single Illustration view that actually just does a browser-back and is subtly wrong.

The font is Noto Serif CJK and Equity.