avatar Kisaragi Hiu

Working around Steins;Gate's input problem on Linux

Steins;Gate was released on Steam on September 9, 2016, for Windows only. A few months later, as far as I can remember, Wine started being able to run it.

However, for the entirety of 2017, I haven't been able to play it: mouse selection doesn't work at all, menu entries are selected then deselected immediately without my input, the menu is completely unusable. It's almost as if some input is being spammed…?

Steins;Gate’s main menu; the selection keeps changing.

I found the culprit just last week. There's something wrong with Wacom tablet handling in this game, and unplugging the tablet before starting it completely removed the problems. I can't believe I haven't tried this for the longest time…!

Now, time to actually finish reading it…