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2020 review

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Last year I saw Tania Rascia’s 2019 into 2020 article and thought I should do the same, but I procrastinated so much that now I’m writing a review for 2020 instead of 2019.


I wrote way too few articles this year. I’ve been keeping more private notes, some of which are more suited to this blog, so I’ll probably publish more next year.


org-roam pull requests

I started learning about Zettlekasten in June, and started using Org-roam in August after dabbling with my own implementation of backlinks for a bit. Now when I add new diary entries, I no longer have to worry about not being able to recall old entries: backlinks and index notes allow me to see related notes easily.

As I switched to it, there were some ideas that I was able to implement, open a pull request, and got accepted.

Roughly sorted by amount of effort.

UTAU covers

I also made way too few covers this year. There are at least two covers that are really close to complete but I’ve just been putting aside “for now”.

new Emacs packages