Language Learning Roadmap

An attempt at making a universal roadmap for learning another language.

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Learning a language = memorize enough of the vocabulary + be familiar enough with grammatical rules (+ understanding pronunciation, though I consider this to be part of vocabulary)

Motivation: is there anything you want to read in the target language? If not, Wikipedia is a good starting point.

Learn the native script of the target language. This is actually kind of part of vocabulary; doubly true for a language that uses Han characters.

Vocabulary: use spaced repetition. Do daily reviews, add words manually so that you’re not overwhelmed by words that haven’t been learned.

Grammar: read introductions, starting from Wikipedia.

Try to read something in the target language. Figure out the function words.

Applying this to Japanese:

First learn to read:

  1. Learn Kana; skip Kanji for now
  2. Find a thing you want to read
  3. Decipher it, learn basic grammatical words so you can parse the structure
  4. Find words you don’t understand and remember them (with spaced repetition)

Applying this to German, which we’re learning right now in a university course:

  1. Learn the German alphabet
  2. Simultaneously:

    • Memorize some words
    • Find things that I want to read
    • Read the textbook
    • Learn basic grammatical words and word order