My personal spaced repetition system, implemented with Org-mode repeaters.

Org-msr is a minimal spaced repetition setup for Org mode.

After years of usage, I don’t actually think this has been a good idea. Nevertheless, as my vocabulary collection uses it, I’m still not moving away.


Run org-msr-setup in a Org mode file to

  • add file TODO keywords according to org-msr-keyword-frequency-alist
  • start org-msr-mode automatically when visiting this file.

Now for each heading you want to remember, run org-todo and select how frequently you want to see it. A repeater will automatically be added and updated, and you can see all items in your org-agenda.

I recommend using org-super-agenda and a filetag so that the org-msr entries don’t bury everything else in the agenda.

In your init:

(setq org-super-agenda-groups '((:name "Vocabulary"
                                       :tag "org-msr"
                                       :order 100)))

In the Org file:

#+FILETAGS: :org-msr: