Monthly review for April 2024

This month I think I did quite a few things, which I'm now more able to quantify thanks to my progress on Canrylog.

I logged about 45 hours developing stuff, and 17 hours translating KDE.

AUR packages

I adopted the AUR packages rime-pinyin-zhwiktionary and fcitx5-pinyin-zhwiktionary (they share a PKGBUILD) in order to fix 404 during build. They were relying on a specific Wiktionary dump from 2022 being provided, instead of using the latest versions.

I also created the AUR package rime-pinyin-zhwiktionary-hant , trying to provide a Wiktionary corpus for Traditional Chinese RIME users.

There was a particularly nasty issue with the package python-pdm-pep517 , which is a makedependency of cmake-language-server , where it would modify the global Git config and change the user name and email, as the PKGBUILD seemed to have been written assuming that it'd run on some temporary environment. I got bit by this and had a few commits under “Your Name”. I committed a fix then disowned the package again.

Making my RIME dictionary a standalone repository: kisaragi-rime-tw

Since I have the need to type a lot while translating, I started to find the default candidates and behavior that RIME provided to be a little annoying sometimes. For instance, keeping the word frequency learning on means I can't rely on particular words being in particular places, like for 時間 and 事件: with my current setup after turning off frequency learning I can now rely on ㄕ ㄐㄧㄢ RET always giving me 時間, whereas before I'd have to type out the full tones and/or slow down to check the candidate list before I commit the text.

(The frequency learning can be turned off by setting enable_user_dict to false for the translator.)

But with freqeuncy learning turned off, the default dictionaries would sometimes provide suggestions that for Taiwanese Mandarin would be wrong or questionable. To fix that I effectively forked rime-essay as well as the .dict.yaml of rime-terra-pinyin in order to modify them to provide more suitable suggestions for Taiwanese Mandarin.

Existing projects

  • I made my Quick redirector for KDE Projects show a suggestion if the user had a typo, so that even if I misremember kcmutils as “kcm-utils” I'd still be able to quickly get to where I want.
  • canrylog-cli: released 0.1.6 ~ 0.2.2, which includes

    • an about command that acknowledges dependencies
    • a rudimentary auto sync feature based on Git, for feature parity with canrylog.el
    • rudimentary reporting: report which task was active for any given moment

Work in progress

  • I spent some time (about 8 hours) trying to make a searchable list of all disaster shelters in Taiwan based on data provided by local governments, starting from the early hours of April 23. This was prompted by the sudden uptick in aftershocks from the April 3 earthquakes, and has a commit that was made during a minute-long earthquake. It's… usable enough that I would use it if I needed to go find a shelter in Kaohsiung, but far from complete right now.
  • I started to try to use Tauri to make a cross platform scratchpad note app. This is currently just a prototype.
  • I spent some effort trying to make an offline Wiktionary, but I'm considering giving up after realizing that it's absolutely not as simple as grabbing the dump, sticking it into an SQLite database, making an alright interface and being able to enjoy an offline copy of Wiktionary that loads quickly. Wiktionary, even smaller ones like Japanese Wiktionary or Chinese (actually just Mandarin) Wiktionary, is just too big for that to necessarily be faster than simply using the online version.

Open source contributions


I logged 17 hours in KDE translation.