Monthly review for June 2024

This month I spent 49 hours on translation, 15 of which are for KDE, and 17 hours on development.

I left college, though not as a graduation due to personal failures. I guess I can just put it like that…


I was contracted by MODA's zh_TW open source localization project to produce one set of translations for GIMP.

Open source contributions

  • [JS] Opened an issue for tc39/proposal-async-context pointing out there's a 404 link to an old Node blog post that had disappeared. This is otherwise unremarkable, I was just amazed by how fast the link was repaired by reinstating that post.
  • [CSS] remix-run/react-router-website#111: fix pre/code links not changing color when :active in dark mode. This was a follow up to remix-run/remix-website#262, fixing the same underlying issue where Tailwind text-inherit has lower specificity than the dark mode fallback, meaning you need to use text-inherit dark:text-inherit.
  • [Emacs] doom-modeline#725: calculate anzu count faster and with less memory. The code was collecting a list only to calculate its length and throw the list away, so the PR makes it simply count up an integer. This makes evil-search less painful.

This month I spent most of my effort on the GIMP translation project, and I'm happy with what I submitted back to OCF.


Kdenlive is now fully translated in zh_TW, and I continued to translate new strings as they came in.